The Loose Cannon

Nautical-Themed Dive Bar Deck 7
Noon to Midnight
Opening hours may vary.
To see The Loose Cannon schedule, open the Virgin Voyages app, click on Discover — Ship Spaces.
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Advisor’s Notes

“The Loose Cannon is tucked away on the back of The Social Club, opposite the arcade and many people miss out on it. It’s a great place to wind down and grab a drink close to the action when I don’t feel like being in the action.”

Denise Cruz — Virgin Voyages Travel Agent & Gold Certified First Mate

The Loose Cannon Overview

At The Loose Cannon aboard Virgin Voyages, sailors find a lively sanctuary that’s both an homage to nautical tradition and a nod to modern mixology. This seafaring bar boasts a treasure trove of craft beers and spirits, encouraging Sailors to unwind with a cold brew or a bespoke cocktail (nautical-themed, of course).

Hiding on the back of The Social Club, the atmosphere of The Loose Cannon buzzes with energy, making it an ideal spot for Sailors to mingle, share tales of their travels, or simply enjoy the ambiance.


Drink Menu Highlights

The Loose Cannon has a curated selection of cocktails, beers, and wines. While it’s not the most extensive menu, it does have some some items worth trying:

  • Puckered Lips — Tito’s vodka, grapefruit, cinzano dry vermouth, orange bitters
  • Rum Around — Pusser’s rum , pineapple, orange, coconut, buzz button
  • Shiver Me Timbers — Johnny Walker Black Label, ginger ale, soda water, lemon bitters
The Loose Cannon Virgin Voyages
The Loose Cannon Menu

Food Menu Highlights

The Loose Cannon doesn’t serve food but you can grab a hot dog or pretzel at The Social Club next door or a Mezze platter at The Dock House down the hallway and bring it in.

While food at the 20+ eateries aboard all Lady Ships and the Bimini Beach Club is included in your Virgin Voyages cruise, premium items are available to order for a fee. Premium items will be clearly labeled and their price provided on the menu.

Hours of Operation

The Loose Cannon is open from 12:00pm and 12am but hours can vary.

Check the schedule on your specific cruise by logging on to the Virgin Voyages app, then clicking on Discover — Ship Spaces — Bars & Clubs.

The Loose Cannon nautical-themes bar on Virgin Voyages


The Loose Cannon operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations are not available.


Most of the action (trivia, games, music) in this area happens at The Social Club and The Dock House but some activities may be hosted at The Loose Cannon — check your cruise schedule.

the social club foosball
The Loose Cannon is hidden in the back of The Social Club


The Loose Cannon is available on all Virgin Voyages ships:

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