Pink Agave

Elevated Mexican Deck 5 Aft
Dinner only
Opening hours may vary.
To see Pink Agave schedule, open the Virgin Voyages app, click on Discover — Ship Spaces.
Pink Agave restaurant on Virgin Voyages
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Advisor’s Notes

“Pink Agave is my favorite restaurant onboard. The menu is diverse and even a simple dish like corn has something that will surprise your tastebuds. The Pink Agave bar area is a great spot to socialize and meet other travelers.”

Denise Cruz — Virgin Voyages Travel Agent & Gold Certified First Mate

Pink Agave Overview

Pink Agave on Virgin Voyages specializes in elevated Mexican cuisine, offering a unique dining experience that emphasizes a shared plate concept. The atmosphere is inspired by Mexico’s vibrant culture and food scene, aiming to transport guests to the streets of Mexico City with its immersive and social setting​​​​. Add to that a Mezcal pairing and you can’t go wrong with Pink Agave!


Pink Agave is only open for dinner so you’ll definitely want to check out its menu:

Dinner Menu Highlights

  • Chayote Yucateco — Mexican squash, habanero pepper, and baby carrots
  • Pato — Roasted duck with mole ahumado and smoked yam puree
  • Camarón Amarillo — seared shrimp, mole amarillo, and new potatoes
  • Cochinita Pibil — Achiote-marinated pork and sour orange habanero pico de gallo
pink agave corn and guac
Esquites — grilled corn with spicy aioli starter
pink agave duck
Pato — roasted duck with mole ahumado

Dessert Menu Highlights

  • Tacos de Chocolate with Mexican chocolate, canela, and dulce de leche

Drink Menu Highlights

  • Loca Flaca with Del Manguey Mezcal, Cointreau, Agave, and Scorpion Salt
  • ¿What’s up Doctora? with Patrón Silver Tequila, St. Germain, Carrot, Orange Ginger (spicy play on Bugs Bunny’s “What’s up, Doc?”)
pink agave cocktail menu
Pink Agave’s cocktail menu

Premium Items

The Treat Yourself section of Pink Agave’s menu only has one item (trust me, it’s well-deserved):

  • Pescado Zarandead — achiote halibut with lobster and bay scallops.

The drinks menu includes a wide selection of cócteles, vinos, espumosos, y cervezas, but you’ll want to check out the Mezcal and the Tequila sections, which offer an incredible selection.

pink agave tequila menu
Tequila and Mezcal menu

While food at the 20+ eateries aboard all Lady Ships and the Bimini Beach Club is included in your Virgin Voyages cruise, premium items are available to order for a fee. Premium items will be clearly labeled and their price provided on the menu.

Service and Atmosphere

Type of Service

Pink Agave is a sit-down restaurant and bar offering a unique dining experience with a focus on Mexican cuisine. The service at Pink Agave is top-notch, with friendly and attentive waitstaff who are knowledgeable about the menu and can offer recommendations.

Dress Code

Virgin Voyage’s dress code is “whatever makes you feel like the best version of yourself.” While they don’t enforce any type of dress code (ever!), Pink Agave is an elevated dinner experience and you might want to dress accordingly. Resort casual for dinner is appropriate.


The ambiance at Pink Agave is lively and social, with a vibrant atmosphere that is perfect for a fun night out. The restaurant features a colorful decor inspired by the Mexican culture, with bold patterns and bright colors that create a festive and welcoming atmosphere. The seating is comfortable and spacious, with plenty of room for diners to relax and enjoy their meal.

The restaurant also features a bar area where Sailors can enjoy a variety of cocktails, including Mezcal, margaritas, and other Mexican-inspired drinks.

pink agave tequila wall
Pink Agave’s Tequila and Me

Hours of Operation

Pink Agave opens only dinner. The hours of operation vary slightly depending on the day of the week or your cruise itinerary.

  • Dinner is usually from 5:45pm or 6:00pm until 10:00pm

Check the schedule on your specific cruise by logging on to the Virgin Voyages app, then clicking on Discover — Ship Spaces — Eateries.


Because it only opens for dinner, Pink Agave is probably the second most popular restaurants on a Virgin Voyages cruise after The Wake. For that reason reservations are recommended, though not required.

Depending on the night, you may have difficulty getting a table as a walk in. If you plan to go walk-in, put your name down on the list as soon as Pink Agave opens.

Dinner reservation become available via the Virgin Voyages app 60 days before departure for RockStars and Mega RockStars Suites and 45 days for all other Sailors.

Virgin Voyages allows one dinner reservation per restaurant on short sailings (1-5 days) and two dinner reservations on longer voyages (6+ days). You can make dining reservations on the Virgin Voyages App. Early booking for RockStar and Mega RockStar Suites 60 days before departure and 45 days for Cabins. Don’t be alarmed if you can’t book ahead of time—only 30% of the seating capacity is available for booking in advance; more slots open up once onboard. If you could not get a reservation or loved a restaurant and want to come back, they do reserve room for walk-ins, so stop by!


  • Beyond Tequila: Rituals and Stories of a Mezcalier: $50, book onboard.
  • Pink Agave After Dark: On some nights from 9:00pm to 10:30pm, Pink Agave throws party with Latin music, DJ, etc. Check your cruise schedule for date and time.


Pink Agave is available on all Virgin Voyages ships:

Pink Agave restaurant on Virgin Voyages
Elevated Mexican

Pink Agave